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Support for Patients and Clients

Efficiency and personalization in our billing endeavors support a thriving company with satisfied clients and patients alike.

Our in-house National Labs billing department is a fully committed professional and credentialed team. Insurance statements and bills can be hard to decipher, and we are here to help both clinical staff and patients.


National Labs follows a soft collections policy focused on meeting both State and Federal requirements and individual patient needs. All CMS-regulatory and additional billing guidelines are followed closely and kept up to date by our credentialing and claim specialists. 

Information to Patients


Make sure the office has your current insurance information

  • Keep your medical insurance information current with the office. Your insurance should reimburse for testing and there will be no or limited additional cost to you. 

  • Certain insurance companies may send the reimbursement directly to the patient which should always be forwarded to the lab. If this happens, the lab will send a notice to forward the payment to them. 

  • Insurance may also apply their payment directly to your deductible.


Understanding an “Explanation of Benefits” from your insurance company

  • This is NOT a bill from your insurance company or from National Labs. 

  • Insurance companies will send patients an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) that shows the max allowable amount billed and paid. Insurance companies often will only pay a % which is reflected in the EOB. 

  • The “Patient Responsibility” is not a bill from either the insurance company or National Labs. This only reflects the amount that your insurance company did not pay.

If you receive a statement from National Labs and need assistance

  • A bill from National Labs will have the National Labs logo and letterhead. If you feel you have received an inaccurate bill or are questioning if you have received an EOB, please call us right away. 

Our team is friendly, helpful and ready to work with you: 1 (800) 800-6060, M-F 8 am-5pm, PST. You will speak with a live person right away who is trained specifically to provide friendly and flexible options to you including:

  • Flexible payment plans and options 

  • Patient Hardship Program to limit out of pocket cost

You can also contact us anytime at for specific billing inquiries and needs. 


Patient Billing Resources

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