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Clinical Services

Explore our full range of testing and support services 

Clinic Value

Customized clinic support and testing options deliver data-driven ease and efficiency to your practice

We create longstanding clinical relationships with our reporting and support options. Improve and enhance your laboratory experience with custom services for patient medication monitoring, drugs of abuse testing and clinical security.


New Service: Remote Urine/Oral Fluid Drug Testing

  • Remote Testing Program during Telemedicine/Covid-19 Closures for patient and staff safety

  • Maintain your compliant testing with mailed kits directly to patients

Clinical Support


  • Account specialists match clinical needs with time + cost saving options 

  • Full onsite set-up, with ongoing training and educational programs

  • Consultation of latest compliance and industry updates to ensure best practices

  • Support services, including courier and quality control specimen processing 

  • Lowest industry cost of point-of-care test devices and test panels

  • Clinic staff-approved order process with simple paper or web requisitioning 

  • Dedicated Customer Service team for in-house toxicology, billing and report consultation

Reporting Customization

  • DedicatedMultiple lab ordering and lab reporting options, including portal and EMR-interfacing

  • Unique 360º reporting from individual patient report to full clinical review

  • Panel customization to receive only the medically-necessary data you need

Ongoing Commitment to Certification & Excellence

National Labs works hard to maintain two of the highest laboratory certifications:

  • Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) for high-complexity laboratory testing

  • COLA-accreditation for enhanced performance and proven inspection


At National Labs, we listen to our clients and the industry to continuously adjust and add new methods and technology to better our lab performance. We welcome all feedback in our chat (below right) or contact section for valuable additions you’d like to see.

Proven high-performance technology and methods provide the most effective testing to an array of medical specialties. 

There are patients, families and lives behind each of our test reports. Focused on that, the utmost care and accuracy is in everything we do. Our stringent operating procedures and validated methods ensure reliable results you can count on.

Laboratory Service Overview

  • Highly accurate, quantitative results from state-of-the-art analyzers

  • Robotic preparation of specimens for increased performance

  • Oral Fluid and Urine specimens for quantified testing

  • Fast report turnaround from receipt of specimen

  • Comprehensive Drug-Analyte list, including an industry-leading mental health panel

  • Customized profiles and reports for individual patient monitoring

  • In-house toxicology and service team

  • Stringent quality control and proficiency certifications

Technology and Testing Methodology

Specializing in High-complexity confirmation testing, our panels include: Stimulants, Opiates, Synthetic Opioids, Benzodiazepines, Neuromodulatory, Substances of Abuse and an industry-leading Mental Health Medication Panel. 

National Labs utilizes Liquid Chromatography & Triple Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS/MS) which is the highest standard of drug testing in the lab industry. Due to the advanced specificity of LC-MS/MS/MS, it is superior to immunoassays, conventional high performance pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) as well as gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS). 

Our methodology eliminates the concept of "false positives” seen with point of care screens and enzyme immunoassay methods.  Our LC-MS/MS/MS also decreases “false negatives” due to its lower cutoffs and greater specificity.

Robotic preparation of specimens ensure accuracy + precision. Our validated testing methods allow for increased efficiency in production, ensuring an industry-leading report turnaround time. 

Please see our resources section for additional useful information.

Oral and Urine Fluid Test Capabilities

National Labs performs confirmatory testing on both urine and oral fluid specimens for fully quantified results. Our dynamic reference ranges allow for enhanced detectability of analytes. Multiple specimen collection options provide flexibility and safety for both patients and staff.

Fast Turnaround: Current Average <36 hrs

National Labs offers fully comprehensive laboratory test results within 72 hours (three workdays) from receipt of the specimen. Delivery options for test results: secure Fax, online portal reporting, and EMR interfacing (HL7 protocol).   

Custom Test Panels Based on Patient Need

National Labs can build an array of unique panels for clinical use based on individual patient needs and supported by medical necessity. Custom Urine or Oral fluid panels can be built for ordering efficiency and are based on the individual drugs/classes listed below.

Contact us to see a full list of both parent drug and metabolites for the most comprehensive testing available.

Drug Classes:

Atypical Antipsychotics/Anticonvulsants
Drug of Abuse
ETG/ETS breakdown

Fentanyl Analogs
Methamphetamine Isomers
Synthetic Opioids
Tricyclic Antidepressants



Accurate and reliable results support your clinical decisions. Now testing for Xylazine and expanded Fentanyl Analogs.

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