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Welcome to our Enhanced National Labs Website!

Explore our site, interact with us and learn more about what makes National Labs an industry-leading laboratory. 

Multiple Ways to Connect: Chat, Email or Phone

You are now able to chat directly with us! Use the chat function to reach a live consultant to answer any questions you may have. We are available during business hours on both Eastern and Pacific Standard time. You can receive info re our services, schedule a UPS pickup, order supplies in real time and reach out with whatever is on your mind. We ask that you do not include any patient identifiers as this is not a HIPPA-protected chat feature, and certain elements will cause a default in chat session. We hate to enforce, but we're just looking out for you here. Email us directly from the contact page with specific requests or patient billing information you may need help with. Our customer services team will link you to the best contact and we'll get you what you need. You can also sign up for our ongoing updates and to be contacted of any noteworthy additions or enhancements to National Labs services. And, if you'd like to pick up the phone and call us directly, we're here to talk too at 1-800-800-6060.

Learn More About Our Offered Services

Are you getting the most out of your lab services? Scroll through our clinical value options and testing services. If there's any area we can better serve you, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to offer value in every way we can.

Not sure if there's something extra we can do for you? Send us an email and have us review your services—from us or from another lab. We always bet on our ability to up our game to you.

Get to Know Your National Labs Team

Why are we here? Why do we do what we do? It's not an existential crisis, we just want you to visit our About Us page and learn about our mission and values. Just as important, we want you to learn about our National Labs team and what makes our company an incredible place to work and thrive. Our team members have put into their own words what National Labs means to them and why they are a part of this family. We want you to join this family too and would love to hear your feedback! Submit a testimonial and you may even find yourself on our homepage.

Don't Worry, Our Key Site Features Remain

You are still able to access your secure National Labs Results Web Portal and also download resources, such as billing resources for patients. Our contact information has stayed the same, and we are always a quick call, chat or email away.


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