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Patented methodology and experience-driven best practices for optimal precision, accuracy and speed

Our unique approach copy here. Requesting copy from National Labs about patented methodology, BKMs, and processes. 


In addition, all our testing workflows include the following:

Proven Processes. Accurate Output.

Leading technology and patented methodology for the highest industry standard for precision.


  • State-of-the-art analyzers deliver highest accuracy standard 

  • Robotic preparation of specimens reduces errors and speeds delivery

  • Reliable partner for testing scope and design, and data privacy and security

Comprehensive and Customizable

Tailored regimens and coverage optimized for unique clinical and treatment needs

  • Industry’s most comprehensive and fully quantified panel for controlled medication patients

  • Fine tune with dynamic reference ranges and cutoffs

  • Integrating new test capabilities to better match testing needs and compliance


Expert Support and Consultation

In-house expertise for test regimen development and regulatory compliance


  • Clinical toxicology assistance for report review

  • In-office training of clinic staff for a seamless transition

  • Consultation on regulatory changes and best practices guidelines


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